About us

Owner of the company is Mag. Bernhard Maier, MA, CFE. During his studies of political science at the University of Vienna he focused on politics related to criminal legislation and criminal justice. He graduated with an empiric study about the political aspects of organised crime. In addition, he studied risk- and security-management at the University of applied Sciences Campus Vienna.

Since 1993 Bernhard Maier works in the private-investigation- and security-business. In 1996 he established his own agency, which is licensed by the Republic of Austria for professional private investigation as well as security-services. Presently the company has two offices, one based in Vienna the other one in Lower-Austria.

Along with his work in the private investigation- and security-business Bernhard Maier publishes articles on criminological topics in special-interest-magazines and the daily press (such as Kriminalistik, Öffentliche Sicherheit, Der Kriminalbeamte, Wiener Zeitung).

He is the author of the book Der Detektiv-Report" (published by Ueberreuter, Vienna 2001) which is an authentic insider-report of the business of private investigation.

Bernhard Maier belonged to Austria's most successful new coming entrepreneurs in the year 2000 and is a representative of the Austrian economy in the public. As a member of the Austrian Association of Detectives (ÖDV) he works on structural and legal improvements for the Austrian economy.

2017 Bernhard Maier published the book "Pre-Employment-Screening", in which he introduces a riskbased screening-guideline for a recruiting process.

He is a licensed risk-manager (ISO 31000) and a certified fraud examiner (CFE).

The agency BM-Investigations e.U. is a member of several international associations of the industry. Bernhard Maier therefore is well connected to other investigation and security-professionals around the globe.


Certified Fraud Examiner Güte Siegel Berufsdetektiv ISO 31000 Austrian Standards


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BM-Investigations is globally connected and a member of the national and international associations:

The Association of british Investigators Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ASIS International BDD- Bundesverband deutscher Detektive CII International Intelligence Network ÖDV W.A.D. - World Association of Detektives