Private Investigations



Interview with Bernhard Maier

Taurus Sicherheitstechnik GmbH (supplier of security equipment) invited Bernhard Maier to join them for an interview on their podcast.

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Presentation ASIS European Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Bernhard Maier was invited to join the 2020 ASIS European Conference (April 1st to 3rd) in Prague, Czech Republic. He will give a presentation about “Fraud Cases and Lessons Learned”.



Presentation ASS Compact Gewerbeversicherungs-Symposium

At the 2020 ASS Compact Gewerbeversicherungs-Symposium (symposium for the insurance industry) on March 17th in Vösendorf, Austria Bernhard Maier will share his expertise on insurance fraud with representatives of the industry.



Interview with Bernhard Maier on insurance fraud

ASS Compact (journal for risk- and capital-management) published an interviewed with Bernhard Maier on insurance fraud.

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