Interview with Bernhard Maier

Taurus Sicherheitstechnik GmbH (supplier of security equipment) invited Bernhard Maier to join them for an interview on their podcast.

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Presentation ASIS European Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Bernhard Maier was invited to join the 2020 ASIS European Conference (April 1st to 3rd) in Prague, Czech Republic. He will give a presentation about “Fraud Cases and Lessons Learned”.



Presentation ASS Compact Gewerbeversicherungs-Symposium

At the 2020 ASS Compact Gewerbeversicherungs-Symposium (symposium for the insurance industry) on March 17th in Vösendorf, Austria Bernhard Maier will share his expertise on insurance fraud with representatives of the industry.



Interview with Bernhard Maier on insurance fraud

ASS Compact (journal for risk- and capital-management) published an interviewed with Bernhard Maier on insurance fraud.

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Portrait of Bernhard Maier

National daily 'Die Presse' published a portrait of Bernhard Maier and his work as an investigator on 16.12.2018.

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Presentation at the BDO Fraud & Risk Conference on 22.11.2018 in Hamburg, Germany

The international auditing corporation BDO invited Bernhard Maier to this year's Fraud & Risk Conference. He will speak about 'Riskbased Pre-Employment-Screening' to an audience of fraud- and compliance-managers.



Bernhard Maier was awarded 'Security Professional of the Year' by the World Association of Detectives

At this year's annual summit of the World Association of Detectives (WAD) in Las Vegas on 01.10.2018 Bernhard Maier received the 'Security Professional of the Year'-Award. He is the first Austrian detective to receive this award in the 93 year history of WAD.

Link, Austria's leading web portal for online recruiting, interviewed Bernhard Maier about pre-employment-screening.



HR Inside Summit 2018 with Bernhard Maier on October 10th and 11th 2018 in Vienna

Bernhard Maier was invited to Austria's biggest HR-convention HR Inside Summit as a speaker. He will share his expertise about pre-employment-screening with the HR industry. #hris2018



Bernhard Maier at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Las Vegas on 25.09.2018

Bernhard Maier was invited to speak at the world's biggest security conference GSX about pre-employment-screening. #gsx2018



Presentation of Bernhard Maier's book "Pre-Employment-Screening" at the annual chapter conference of ASIS Germany in Frankfurt on 27.06.2018.

For details see here


Bernhard Maier was invited to run a half day seminar about 'Pre-Employment-Screening' on February 1st, 2018 in Cologne, Germany by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

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TV: ‚Betrogen‘

Bernhard Maier is one of the three detectives chosen by Austrian TV-station ATV for their new reality-show ‚Betrogen‘. The show gives an insight into the daily work of Austrian private detectives by featuring real investigation cases.

See the trailer here


Book Pre-Employment-Screening

Bernhard Maier publishes the first book on pre-employment-screening in German language. It is a practical guide which presents a riskbased model of a screening process.

Link to Amazon: Book "Pre-Employment-Screening"


Presentation "Risk based Pre-Employment-Screening", ACFE-Europe-Conference in London 20.3.2017
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) invited Bernhard Maier to speak at the European Conference on 20.3.2017 in London. Bernhard Maier will present a management process model for pre-employment-screening developed by him.



Bernhard Maier was invited by the German chapter of ASIS to speak about „Social Engineering“
at the chapter meeting on September 15th and 16th 2015 in Potsdam, Germany.



Speaker at the Romanian Summer School 2015
Bernhard Maier was invited as a speaker by the Romanian Association of Detectives to their annual PI Summer School from July 1st to July 5th 2015. He will give a presentation on “Social Engineering”. Look here for the full programme of the event.


Bernhard Maier receives the Malcolm W. Thomson, C.I.I. Memorial Award 2014
The Council of International Investigators (CII), a worldwide network of elite-investigators, grants the Malcolm W. Thomson, C.I.I. Memorial Award 2014 to Bernhard Maier. Every year the award is given to one of the council’s member, who represents the high professional standard and supported the association’s strategic goals.